Monday, October 16, 2017

We had an awesome family home evening this week where all the members of the ward were there talking with our investigators and they made them feel so good and loved! 

We also had an awesome Family Home Evening last night with Roxana and the familia Valencia. They are so awesome! I love them so much!

After that we ate cusuco ( armadillo). It is so goood! Hna Deisy knows how to cook really well. It was sooooo good. 

I still don’t know if I have changes (meaning she doesn’t know if she will be transferred). 

I love it here in Chapa. It is a really great ward. I love the people. They are so loving. I hope I don’t have changes.

We went to Consejo de Lideres otra vez (leadership council) and presidente and Hna Duran are such good people. I love them too. They treat us like their children. They respect us but also love us and know how to encourage us to do everything in our power to help our investigators and to be the best missionaries we can be.

I love my companion Hna Hernandez!  We work so well together!  I don’t want to leave her.  We are good friends too.

We took David to visit more and he will be a very good missionary! 

I love my mission so much!  I don’t want it to end. It is such a wonderful experience!  I love it here. I want to give even more than my all this last change! 

I love this gospel!  I love the lord!  I love Jesus Christ. I love my Heavenly Father! I love love love it all!  I know this is  a huge blessing in my life and that I have the responsibility to share all of this with the rest of the people here. I hope that we can all realize what we have and that it really doesn’t have a price tag. We have everything to share. Let’s share it!

I love you allllllllllllll
Hna Ashton

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Joy's mission is getting a new address for  sending packages, and a new address for sending letters and they are not the same address.

Here is an excerpt of the letter that we received from the mission office:

My name is Elder Bailey and I am the General Secretary of this mission.  I oversee making sure that your missionary has their packages and letters.  We, as an office, are changing addresses.  We are moving from San Salvador to Soyapango/Ilopango area.  Therefore, there will be some changes to addresses that you will have to send your packages and letters. 

Before we had a P.O. Box set apart, but for now there is no open spaces in the new area.  Later, we will buy a box and let you know about the correct box number. 

But for right now please send PACKAGES to this:

NAME (Elder or Sister)
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
Lista de Correos
Centro Comercial Plaza Soyapango
Blvd. del Ejercito km 4 Local Ancla c-1,
San Salvador, El Salvador C.A.

And for LETTERS:

NAME (Elder or Sister)
El Salvador San Salvador East Mission
Col. Santa Lucía
Calle Circunvalación
Y Entrada a Valle Nuevo
CP Soyapango
San Salvador, El Salvador C.A.

The contract with the previous P.O. box address (the P.O. Box 3362) will end on December 31 of this year, therefore the last day to send to that address will be November 30.  Please do not send packages to that address after that day.

The contract of our current office (Edificio La Centro Americana) will end immediately.  DO NOT SEND LETTERS TO THE OLD ADDRESS.   The address given above where letters are to be sent is the address for the new office and the letters will be accepted there. 

Thank you to all of you who love and support Joy!  
Joy's Mom