Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I hope Cathy is ok. I am praying for her. (This is in reference to her sister Catherine who may have to have her gall bladder out).

This week we had intercambios with the Hermanas de Cojutepeque. Hna. Tumax, the previous Hna leader, (she came home to our house), and Hna. Hernandez,(she came with me from the CCM)(the Missionary Training Centre in Guatemala?). It was so fun. We celebrated the birthday of Hna. Hernandz by making baleadas, her favorite dish from Hondurus where she lives. They were really good. 

I love it when I recognize the spirit in my life. We were visiting a less active sister who lives a little far away. We were behind schedule too so I was thinking about the people that we had to visit that lived abajo (down). But I got the impression that we needed to visit a family that lives near her. I didn´t want to at first but then I thought, "where did this thought come from?" and I realized that it came out of the blue and that it wasn´t my personal thought but that the spirit was directing me. 

So after that I told Hna.Tumax that we would visit one more family before we went to the other part of our area. We arrived at the house and everything was normal so we entered and there sat the mom and her son in law who we have passed in the street several times.  Hna. Evans and I. Hna.Tumax and I sat down, sang a hymn, and then we shared a scripture.  Then we asked the son- in- law if he was baptized and he said no and so we invited him and he said yes he would prepare himself for a baptismal date. Then when we left, Hna. Tumax said "Wow! I always wanted to talk to him. He always passed by us before, but this time he was in the house, and is the son- in- law of a member!"
It was pretty cool that I could recognize the spirit telling us to go visit him.

We also got burritos and they were super delicious.

I love you all!

Hermana Ashton

Monday, February 6, 2017

I have changes. Goodbye Barrio Pacifica. I am actually pretty sad about that. I can’t believe this. This is crazy. I will finally get my "second" area. That is weird. But that is life. The mish. I don’t think I will go too far though. I’ll probably stay here in San Miguel because there are going to be a lot of changes between the sisters.

This week Marisol had her baptismal interview and she is set for everything. I won’t be here but I am so proud of her! She has come so far and she will go so far. Next February they will get sealed in the temple. That will be so amazing when the whole family gets sealed. 

Miriam is also ready to get baptized. She just needs to lose her fear and follow that spirit telling her that she needs to get baptized. She and her abuela, Marina, are so so so amazing. They have sooooo much faith. I hope someday to have the faith they have. 

The sisters from Santa Rosa are living with us until the changes. We have had so much fun! It is Hna Williams from Columbus, Ohio and her companion Hna Valenzuela. We became such good friends in these two days. They are so much fun. 

Sandra will get married this coming week and get baptized the same day. 

The familia Hernandez is so so motivated. They came to church. They have their wedding the 16 of feb. They are adorable. 

We found some pretty awesome people this week. La familia Bonilla. La familia Campos. They are all so awesome. I hope that everything will go amazing with them. 

Miriam turns 15 next week so we are going to look for a present for her. I am going to miss her and her family super bad. It will be really weird to be in a different area. 

I love you all soooooo much!

Hna Ashton