Monday, July 17, 2017

Joy Ashton
3:27 PM
On Tuesday we had intercambios with the Hnas of the Pacifica, Hna Lopez and Hna Cabrera. They are really fun. Hna Lopez goes home at the end of this change. She is a really great missionary. Now she only has 9 days left.  Ja ja that is crazy. 

Whoa! Brayden comes home so soon! Take a picture of the case with all our plaques. I want to see the four of us together.

On Wednesday we went to the hospitla again for Hna Salguero’s back. She had a mucsle spasm so we got that fixed. 

On Thursday we went to Chinameca and did intercambios there with Hna Ochoa and Hna Garcia. Their area is super, super good. I would like to go there if I have changes. It is super cool and fresh and the people are so nice.  We found a lot of really positive people who will probably go to church and get baptized. It is always so nice to find part member families. 

We are teaching the little sister of David and she is so adorable. She has 8 years and is super smart and loves to go to church. She is now starting to read the Book of Mormon and has friends at church too, which is so great.

That is one of the things that helps most with investigators- when they have a friend at church, who calls them, who reminds them about their commitments, who encourages them and is always there to support them. If you guys see someone new at church, you should go up to them and talk to them and make them your friend. They are children of God who are searching for the truth and it is so big that they are even at church. 

Also, are you all doing your family home evenings? Do they edify? Are they fun? Does everyone look forward to them? Are you inviting non-members? If not, start to do these things. I am pretty sure that as descendants of Ephraim, it is not so much a choice as it is a responsibility.  Missionary work is not just for us with tags. It is something that we have to do in every minute. We can talk to anyone and everyone about the gospel. Just open your mouth.

I also found in the house a new testament where one side of the page is in Spanish and the other side is in English. It isn’t published by the church but it is super nice because if I come to a word I don’t know, I learn it. it also doesn’t weigh as much as the complete Holy Bible. I have marked almost all the scriptures from the first three lessons in their coordinating colors blue, orange and green and made tabs to that it is easy to find all the references depending on what we teach, like prophets and dispensations, or the importance of the laying on of hands, etc. I am very proud of it. :)

I am so happy with our new President and his wife!  They are so loving and kind.  They care a lot about us and have a lot of plans to help us reach our potential. One of their goals is that instead of our goals for baptism every month, we are going to put goals for every week. Hey, que trabajar! (Hey, what’s work)!

I have to say that my testimony of the restoration is a lot stonger nowdays than it was before. The apostasy was real. This is the church of Jesus Christ on earth again with all the bases that Jesus established. 

The church is true! This is the way. 

Have a good week!

Love,  Hna Ashton

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