Monday, July 3, 2017

This week was fun! It has been raining a ton here and we got drenched. But not just a little bit. We got home and we were going to change but surprise, we didn’t have any clean clothes because the stuff that we washed was set out to dry...

But we broke out the root beer that we found at Walmart and the ice cream and made root beer floats!!!!!!! They were super delish. A taste of USA USA USA!

FELIZ INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!! Blow up some fireworks for me!!!! And eat a lot of watermelon!

We have been eating more fruits here lately because we are fat. We are also doing exercise in the mornings like a good missionary should and it has been really good. We have been a little more conscious of the fact that our clothes are slightly smaller. We are not the problem. The clothes are the problem. 

So I want to extend the same invitation to you all. That starting now, we all do AT LEAST half an hour of exercise every day  because as slightly chubby people, we tend to get chubbier and I want to have a team to motivate me. 

Will you do it with me? Exercise!!!!!!! Yes! And eat more veggies and fruits. Today we ate a whole papaya because they say that it helps people lose weight haha because it sends you to the bathroom... haha! I testify of that!  Haha.

But tony, from p90x is motivating us with his "I hate it, but I love it!" 

But this is because our bodies are the temples of our spirits. It needs to be pristine to welcome the Holy Ghost. 

There is also the need to be spiritually fit. How do we do that? Read. Pray. Go to church. Those are the things that we have to do… the exercise part. But what is the nutrition part? The nutrition part is to put what we learn in accion (action). Reject anything that degrades us spiritually. Be our own agents. (Use our free agency wisely).

You can do it!  And so can I! 

I love you alllllllll!!!!
Hna Ashton

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