Monday, June 26, 2017

This week was pretty exciting and also full of events! I am soooooooo good!!!! Don’t worry. It is like I didn’t even get sick! Hahahaha

On Monday we cleaned the house and did all the p-day stuff that we had to. Then we went to the family home evening, ate with a family and talked with all the Hermanas (Sister missionaries). A successful Monday!

Then on Tuesday we got up and studied and killed it in our estudios.  We were ready to convert the world.  Then we went to lunch and it was full of onions and rice and I wasn’t really hungry for lunch but we have to eat everything. So I ate it.  Then we went to work. I told my companion that I didn’t feel too good so we weren’t running around the place. We went to the meeting with the leader missional and divided our area with the elders so the borders are defined. I was there and every minute I felt a little more sick and a little more and a little more until Hermana Salguero looked at me in shock and asked if I was ok because I was very pale (surprise). The elders looked at me in shock too with horror on their faces. Then they gave me a blessing and we got up to go. 

We got out of the house and were walking down the street a little ways and I started to throw up. The family of the lider missional (ward mission leader) was there watching, and the elders were watching.  I straightened up and kept walking and we contacted some people and I was there testifying and I got panicky because I felt sick again. We finished quickly and we got back to the street and I puked everything out… right there in front of the people. And then we walked more and contacted some more investigators again and they seem pretty positive. 

We got to the house so I could take pepto bismol but we still had appointments so we called a sister to divide with us.  I went to mama Julie´s house and when I got there the Presidencia of the relief society was there. I sat on the couch and I felt sick until I had to run out of the house to throw up again with all of them watching me. I came back in and laid there and I got up again to go to the bathroom because I then had diahrea. Super bad. I was there for a really long time jaja, and mama Julie was scared because I hadn’t come out yet.  She yelled, “Hna ashton?”  Yea?  “Are you ok?”   “Kind of.”  She was scared that I had passed out in the bathroom. 

She called the doctor of the mission because the nurse wasn’t answering and I, at that point, didn’t have anything in my stomach or intestines. She bought suero (serum) so I could get hydrated but it all came up. 

The doctor sent us to the hospital and they stuck an IV in me. But this time I was prepared and it didn’t hurt as bad. The medicine that they give really hurts when it goes into you but in the end it makes everything a lotttttt better. Jaja. That night Hna Salguero was really bored in the hospitla with me and the next morning we got up and I felt so good. I was ready to leave but the doctor said that I had to stay 3 days. I thought that was a joke because the last time I was only there a night and they let me go home with some pills. But I was at the house for a week because the pills were too strong. But this time I felt soo much better and they weren’t going to let me go! But… 

we had visitors and we read a lot of the scriptures and they fed my companion and only gave me liquids and gross food without flavor. But  the zone leaders and district leaders came and the wife of the Bishop and President y Hna Vasquez (her mission president and his wife), and the Pres. de Estaca (Stake President), because he is the doctor. 

They said that I could go early. So we only had to stay one more night but when we woke up on Thursday, the nurse came in and was giving me more antiboitica and changing the iv when I felt my bed move and the tubes of the IV were swinging. I asked if we were having an earthquake and she stopped moving and sure enough we were on the sixth floor of the hospitla and having an eartthquake. I thought that it was sooo cool! haha but seriously, it was better in the bed of the hospitla because it moved more gracefully. This earthquake wasn’t as stong as others though. 

we got out of the hospital in time to go to the multizona (multi-zone meeting) where we saw Presidente and Hna Vasquez for the last time and will receive our new Pres. and wife this coming week. It was nice. We learned about agency.  Elder Bednar is great.

David, our investigator,  is sooooo awesome and is going to get baptized this 8 de julio. !!!!!!!! yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

Last night we had a thunderstorm and it was the coooooooolest ever. In Utah we don’t know what thunder is. But I can tell you that here, it literally shakes the house. I was so scared and so excited at the same time!  When it was sooooooo loud and shook the ground, I could only think of what power angels have because in Alma 36 when Alma explains how the angel shook the earth with the voice of thunder, I understood. sooooooooo cooooooooool and really scary. I understand how it might invite someone to reflect on their life and make them repent. 

But today was really normal.  We got up and cleaned the house and the elders made brownies and now we are going to celebrate the birthday of another Elder.

I love you all and am siempre (always) praying for you!!!! Be gooood. ok?. Live the gospel.  The world will end one of these days and all we have to do is repent. So repent and get over any differences you have with people.   Just love each other. 

I love you all so much!

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