Monday, June 5, 2017

Subject: I made it a year.

One year has passed so fast and I can’t believe it at all.

I have learned a ton here and I don’t even know where to start. Haha. There have been many adventures. I do have to tell you that I still have not learned to pick up chickens. 

On Friday, we had dinner with the bishop and his wife and they have a ton of chickens at their house and when we got there, all of them were set loose and we had to chase after them, but they are terrifying creatures that squawk and peck and I was horrified. I ended up being the one throwing water under the truck to get them to run and be caught, because I CANNOT catch chickens. They are gross. That is the end of it. Haja, but my compañion and the bishop were making fun of me because of it. Haja it would actually be funny to see it all again. It was chaos.

We are teaching a youth named Cristy and she is daughter of a member but he wasn’t there to raise her because he went to the United States to work.  So she grew up with her catholic grandparents who didn’t teach her anything about God or religion. Now the dad is back and is taking her to church, but it has been hard to teach her because she doesn’t open up about how she feels and she doesn´t trust anyone. We have taught her everything and we have taught at a slow pace so that she can understand. We also tried teaching at a faster but simpler pace and she still doesn´t get it. It is very frustrating but we know that she will get baptised, we just need to help her understand her testimony. 

Also, you should give references to the missionaries and be there when they teach. Share your testimonies with people- they don’t bite. They are actually a lot more open to talk about religion than you think. They are searching for the truth. They are looking for blessings and the gospel blesses familias. 

This week I read in Helaman 5 and I read verse 6 where it talks about the names that we have and how Helaman gave his sons the names of Lehi and Nefi like their ancestors and how they did good works. So when we think of our names we should think of our people and do what would make them proud. I have on my tag Ashton and Jesucristo. These are two very important names and I need to live my life to serve them. A jesucristo y mi familia! 

I love you. 

And I also am so grateful that you guys are my family. I don´t know what I did in heaven to deserve you guys. It almost hurts to know that I am so spoiled to have people who love me so much. I love you all!

Hermana Ashton

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