Monday, June 19, 2017

We didn’t have changes which is really a relief. I was praying really hard for that! We have a lot of people we are teaching here who are progressing so much and they are going to get baptized in this change (primero dios). 

We are still working with Christy and we found out why she has become more turned off to baptism. It is because her catholic aunt was there when we visited and told her not to go to church and told her that Chrsity had already been baptized and how it should only be done one time. She was then confused because the aunt was asking her why she was going to church where she doesn’t belong. When Christy finally opened up to us to tell us what was happening, we were finally able to address the issue. She is now more excited and we need to talk to her dad about the whole situation so that she gets baptized soon. 

David is such a good kid. He spends the weekend with Hna Julie our cook and he is the best kid ever. I hope to have a kid like him someday. Ja Ja.

We are also teaching Jose Luis another kid who is really funny. He is twelve but has so much personality. 

This week we ate a ton of fatty food. A ton. And we are fat, so our goals for this change are to not eat as much greasy food (wish us luck because everything is cooked in oil, and oil, and more oil). 

There isn’t time to write now but I hope that you are all reading your scriptures and being good.

Love, Joy

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